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5 Tips to Stay Safe While Trading Forex

1 December2018

The Forex market rakes in an average trading volume of over $4 trillion on a daily basis. This makes Forex the largest financial market in the world. Of course, this popularity tempts investors and traders of all levels, from beginners who’re interested in trading in the foreign market to seasoned professionals. This encouragement comes from the fact that it’s really easy to trade in Forex. There are round the clock sessions and the trading costs are low, but it’s also very easy to lose money while trading Forex. Here we’ve discussed five tips that can keep you safe while you trade in a competitive market like Forex.

1- You Must Do Your Homework

Due diligence is must while trading Forex. If you’re a beginner, you must understand the basics, the principles and what it takes to become a successful Forex trader. And for that, you will have to trade Forex. So be prepared for some losses until you master this trading skill. That’s the only way to become better at it – gaining some experience. What must become your first priority is to understand the economic and geopolitical factors that affect the currencies. Moreover, this homework doesn’t end. You always have to be prepared according to the frequently changing market conditions because of world events.

2- Find a Skilled Broker

You won’t get very far if you’ve got a Forex broker that is anything less than being brilliant. Check their account offerings, account funding and withdrawal policies, commissions and their spread to select the best broker you can find. Moreover, because of the safety concerns regarding the deposits and in order to be sure about the integrity of your broker, all the Forex traders must open an account with a member firm of National Futures Association (NFA) which is registered with the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).

3- Using a Practice Account

Always start by using a practice account that is offered by nearly all the trading platforms. These accounts are also known as demo accounts or simulated accounts. The benefit of using such an account is that it allows traders to make hypothetical trades without any funded account. Also, it makes a trader adept at order entry techniques.

4- Start Small

Once you’ve acquired all the necessary information and knowledge about the Forex trading, start trading using a practice account, and start preparing a trading plan before you go live and start trading with real money. But then when you go live, make sure you start off with small transactions because no practice trading can actually give you the taste of real trading.

5- Always Protect Your Trading Account

Never forget to use protective stop loss. This is an effective way to keep your losses reasonable. Traders also have an option of using a maximum daily loss amount. Once you’ve reached the set maximum limit, your positions will be closed until the next trading session.

Last but not the least, understanding the tax implications on Forex trading is very important in order to avoid any surprises and shocks at the tax time. Consulting a tax specialist to gain sound knowledge about tax laws is what you should do. You might be surprised as there are various tax laws from which you can benefit as well.

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