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Build personal experiences that put the customer at the center of trading.
Integrated sales, service, and marketing CRM — trusted by top world’s
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Our Trading CRM

Integrate and orchestrate all your operations into Tradesmarter unified All-in-one platform

CRM Technology

Cutting-Edge Security

Safeguard your customers’ personal and sensitive online information that is exchanged online from being at risk of fraud and identity theft.



Our infrastructure is 100% cloud-based and containerized, allowing for fast and reliable scaling. This is suitable for your operational requirements as well as future growth

Seamless Integration<

Seamless Integration

Sync data across multiple platforms, marketing channels and users


Connect with Your Customers

At a time when financial customers have more channels than ever to engage through, it is crucial to deliver experiences that feel innovative, extraordinary, and personal.

That’s why some of the industry’s most influential companies rely on the TradeSmarter CRM to merge their customer’s information and experiences across every medium, delivering exceptional analytics and insight that includes click-to-call direct from CRM, click-to-mail direct from the CRM, along with short email templates that any agent can customize.

Saving time with

Our CRM uses the dynamism of social, mobile, and the cloud to take productivity to unprecedented levels. Financial agents can deliver seamless, proactive, personal services that build stronger connections with clients and heirs alike. So when wealth ultimately changes hands, relationships do too.


We Crunch , You Analyze

A technologically advanced internal system to generate financial statements enables you to do real-time financial analysis, intelligent planning, and expedient analytics. Get a complete picture of your organization’s revenue with automated complex recognition calculations, eliminating passé spreadsheets while adhering to ever-evolving revenue recognition standards.

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Tradesmarter provides a unique, responsive and user-friendly CFD and FX trading solution to hundred financial companies around the world.

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