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Tradesmarter announces the first white label trading platform solution available as a “WordPress Plugin” for paper trading

17 January2023

Tradesmarter, provider of the white label trading platform solution WOW TRADER, is pleased to announce the launch of its latest update in a first for the industry, by enabling the platform to be available as a “Wordpress Plugin” with paper trading functionality. Tradesmarter keeps its company mantra “Simplified, yet advanced” by integrating the WOW TRADER white label trading platform into this popular content management tool.

It is estimated that the WordPress content management system powers over 40% of all websites on the internet numbering over 400 million websites. That number indicates the possibility that finance-centric websites could number in the tens of millions based on breaking down the top 10 major economic sectors whereby the finance and investment oriented sectors today reach almost all global internet participants.

Some of the top reasons WordPress is the preferred content management tool is its flexibility to operate on multiple devices and its user friendliness. Media management, user engagement and organization, building ecosystems and communities and a plugin directory with countless add-on value and monetization capabilities makes it one of the best ways for any business to reach the world and bring value to any ecommerce solution or content specific service and product offering.

Tradesmarter for years has served the investment community with its proprietary trading platform solutions. Whether its broker/dealers, investment advisors, money managers of all stripes, educators, signal providers, analysts, or the newest of fintech participants and financial service providers, we believe at Tradesmarter that a highly sought after trading platform tool with paper trading functionality should not be out of reach from a price point perspective and should be made available as an easy plugin solution to complement these various financial services providers’ related services and products.

Today’s new generation of investors and traders are looking for the easiest mobile and web platform tools to execute their trades and investments and more importantly should be able to practice or otherwise test these money sensitive positions before sacrificing their real hard earned money. When the time comes to put their money to work in a real world scenario, having the capability to invest and trade with the firms of their choice is easily accommodated as our white label solution can integrate with any number of asset classes, brokerages and data providers.

Tradesmarter’s easy to use, point, click or swipe user interface matches the speed and convenience of some of the top trading applications in the market today. Tradesmarter has provided a critical need for a broker-agnostic trading solution so that any startup or legacy platform provider has the new tools to compete in a mobile first world.

Beyond the WordPress plugin solution, Tradesmarter’s WOW Trader platform has built-in functionality which also includes an optional TradingView Charting tool, an all-in-one robust back-end solution for managing a firm’s CRM, risk management and affiliate marketing solutions eliminating the need for a patchwork solution of various fragmented business centric software tools that every financial services company needs.  “For over 11 years the team at WOW Trader has spent millions making sure that the platform is responsive to the high demands put on servers and coupled with a high-performance front-end solution with native app capability, the value proposition for new clients looking for a turnkey solution is unmatched through our offering” says Thomas Chenoweth SVP Business Development of Tradesmarter.

By combining the WordPress content management solution with Tradesmarters’ trading platform solution, now all financial services providers of any kind can provide an invaluable tool to bring real value to their end users and for this reason we are very excited to formally make this announcement.  

While our current offering has the most important tools and functionality required for any new firm looking to enter the marketplace, our current roadmap has many new exciting features to come.

Tradesmarter by Smarter Holdings International is a cloud-based fintech services provider and white label solution that offers a platform to serve advisors, developers, and professional financial services providers. Tradesmarter delivers set of fully hosted “out of the box” tools that are leveraged by a growing list of providers seeking to create innovative trading and investing experiences.

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Thomas Chenoweth

SVP, Business Development

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