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Tradesmarter New Branding and Showcase of All Trading B2B Products @IFXexpo

14 September2022

Tradesmarter has rebranded itself as a complete B2B solution and has brought new transparency to the trading brokerage industry by offering its clients real-time solutions in a budget-friendly way. Tradesmarter’s white-label solutions make it easier for financial companies to diversify their business by allowing them to offer global FX and CFD trading to their customers without taking the burden of setting up a new financial product from scratch.

Tradesmarter Newest Products:

The trading world is fast-paced, and brokerage firms face tough competition to live up to the expectation of their clients. Tradesmarter aims to provide brokerage, financial management, and investment companies with efficient and comprehensive products that can offer their customers a safe and user-friendly trading environment. Our products are user-friendly and can be broadly classified as:-

Launched today: Simple Trader- CFD Options Intuitive Platform

Tradersmarter Simple Trader platform allows trading CFD options across global markets. In addition, the platform’s transparency and unique features make it user-friendly and a go-to product for clients.

  • The trade is executed at the trader’s price, allowing no slippage.

  • The trader’s account can never go below zero, thereby allowing negative balance protection.

  • Multiple leverage facilities per account level allow traders to opt from preconfigured leverage levels.

  • Traders have the facility to swap for zero fees and can have an Islamic account.

The CFD options can be traded in the selected assets from the lists on the platform. Moreover, the Payout Dynamic Indicator shows the option pricing concerning the current market volatility. The other unique embedded features are amount to risk,  investing with time duration, and closing at desired profit or loss. These features enable traders to determine their risk and invest for a specific duration wherein the trade is closed automatically at expiration or set targets or stop loss.

Launched today: WOW Trader with onezero execution – The newest alternative platform

Our trading platform enables a simpler way of trading the financial markets. In addition, it allows customization of the trading platform with various financial products and up to 100+ assets, setting the user level access and benefits. It offers multi-assets from commodities, indices, and stocks to 100+ currency pairs. The platform’s distinctive features include a facility for setting up spread across a group of traders or countries, flexible base currency support, and a visual bonus system offering seven different bonuses as per the trader’s interactive progress bar.

WOW Mobile- Powerful and Responsive Mobile Trading App

Tradesmarter seeks to provide a simplified but advanced mobile-trading solution with fully customized branding to eliminate trading obstacles. The mobile web and app features include:-

The advanced distinctive marketing systems enable our partners to target specific segments of clients with personalized campaigns, enhancing client value and brand engagement. In addition, your marketers can increase the conversion rate by running end-to-end mobile traffic funnels and revive your business identity by enhancing traders’ experience.

Tradesmarter Solutions

Our white-label solutions enable you to unleash your brokerage potential and diversify your business by offering FX and CFD trading to your customers.–Dynamic Chart with tick updates.

  • –Face ID Login.

  • –Different types of trading charts and indicators.

  • –Adjustable stop loss and take profit features.

  • –Provides multi-wallet and visual bonus system.

  • –Fast OTP onboarding.

  • –Price alerts and pending orders facility.

  • –21+ languages.

Customized FX and CFD Trading Solutions

We want you to stand out from the competitors by offering full customization on our products to enable you to meet your organizational goals. For example, you have the freedom to personalize theme colors for different elements on the trading platform, mobile apps, and traders’ cabinets. In addition, our unified all-in-one trading platform enables you to customize risk limits, available assets, and trading hours for the traders.

CRM Trading Solutions

Our CRM technology offers integrated sales and service. We understand the customers’ security and hence, take care to safeguard the customer’s sensitive personal online information from identity theft with cutting-edge security. Moreover, our 100% cloud-based infrastructure suits your operational functions and ensures reliable future scaling.

We ensure seamless data integration across marketing channels and multiple platforms, delivering exceptional customer insight and analytics that includes click-to—mail from the CRM, click-to-call direct from CRM, and customized short email templates. Thus, financial agents can deliver stronger and more proactive seamless connections with clients. In addition, our technologically sophisticated internal system generates financial statements, giving detailed recognition calculations that allow you to analyze and plan comprehensively and set revenue recognition standards.

IB and Affiliates System

Our IB and Affiliates Software System enables you to get more sales. Our platform allows you to track and analyze the conversion funnels and set payout rates for each kind of affiliate, such as comparisons, blogs, and email marketing, based on performance (CPC, CPL, and CPA), thereby allowing you to optimize your ROI. In addition, our advanced features include:-Real-time tracking.

  • –Deal commission structure support.
  • –Budget and payment management.
  • –Integration with top industry affiliates.
  • –Quick API/Postback/Pixel set-up.
  • –Ad server support.
  • –Integration with AppsFlyer.

Pricing and AI-Powered Personalized Assistant

Tradesmarter has restructured itself from volume-based pricing to flat-fee pricing, intending to bring transparency and offer clients real-time solutions in a budget-friendly way. Our platform offers an AI-powered personalized assistant that enables clients to watch video breaking news, read news, and view trading education tutorials. In addition, the fully integrated trading academy has 155+ lessons, and daily video news is updated in every trading session. The Tradesmarter AI Assistant offers three daily briefings and trader alerts for breaking news, upcoming economic events, and market prices.

Final Thoughts

We at Tradesmarter aim to provide industry players with the best solutions through our intuitive, distinct, easy-to-navigate, user-friendly platform. Furthermore, we ensure that our years of experience can make online trading easy and approachable through our simplified trading technology and continuously strive on this path.

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