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Monthly Flat Rate by Tradesmarter White Label Trading Platform

10 June2020


HONG KONG, June 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — White label trading solution Tradesmarter has announced a dramatic restructuring of its fee structure from volume-based pricing to a monthly flat rate, a fintech industry first. Tradesmarter provides an all-in-one proprietary trading FX. Their fully equipped brokerage solution allows complete custom branding including trading platform, client’s cabinet, back-office software, risk settings, multi-brand CRM, IB/Affiliate management systems and advanced BI dashboarding. The company even offers a Robinhood-like mobile platform called WOW Mobile available in iOS and Android which can help a brokerage connect with Millennials.

With an embeddable and optimized payment widget designed to generate fast conversions, Tradesmarter integrates with over 300 payment gateways via advanced cashier to support easy funding of FIAT. Tradesmarter offers the broadest range of CFD asset classes with Forex via direct FIX API or via OneZero hub.

“By relaunching Tradesmarter as a complete B2B solution with clear published flat-fee pricing, we bring new transparency standards to the industry and offer our clients real turn-key solution that fits their budget,” said Ben Horovitz, COO of Tradesmarter. “Whether you are a small start-up, an established broker or an IB looking to add more verticals to his operation, adding Tradesmarter solution to your offering is now easier and more accessible than ever. Deployment is fast, enabling a brokerage to be up and running in only a few days.”

Tradesmarter’s unique all-in-one platform is the result of 11 years of research and development. It solved one of the most difficult problems facing the online trading industry – multi vendor dependency which makes it impossible for brokers to understand their data and automate their system accordingly. Tradesmarter is solving it by building centralized in-house technology and functionalities to orchestra engagement, data and personalization experience.

Tradesmarter features an AI-powered personal assistant so clients can read news, watch video breaking news, view trading education and platform tutorials and more. Its fully integrated trading academy including 155+ lessons and fully branded daily video news edition updated in every trading session.

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