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The Pros and the cons of a Forex Trading career

10 January2019

Are you thinking about dabbling in Forex trading or perhaps turning it into a career? If so, consider these eight benefits that you could enjoy:

The costs are low

You don’t have to worry about brokerage charges when trading Forex. Most brokers make profits from those spreads between currencies. Having no overhead means you’ll have a lot more to add to your profits. If you are considering trading other forms of equity or securities, be sure to consider brokerage fees.

You can use a variety of trading styles

Forex markets are live around the clock so you can trade whenever convenient. This is great for short-term traders who prefer to take positions in less than a day. There aren’t too many traders who trade during off-hours, but those who do appreciate the stability in the off-hour market. Those that do so often go for volume trades where they trade huge amounts for lower margins. This offers them more stability for less profit, but this strategy can certainly pay off over time. Other traders who prefer long-term trading can use such strategies in Forex trading as well. Trading foreign currencies can be incredibly flexible, and you can often use quite a variety of trading styles to your advantage.

It’s a lot more liquid

The forex market has significantly more participants compared with other financial markets, which isn’t surprising considering there are people taking part all over the world. You can just about always have your orders filled without massive price deviations. There are fewer cases of price manipulations and anomalies, and efficient pricing can definitely work to your advantage. Volatility is your friend in the forex market – something you would never say if you traded stocks. Price patterns are relatively predictable during non-stop trading.

There’s no central exchange

Since the forex market operates in countries all over the world, there’s no one central exchange or regulator handling the entire market. There are times when central banks step in when necessary, but for the most part, the market regulates itself. When changes are anticipated due to banks or governments, these changes are usually taken into consideration and priced into the market automatically. Since the forex market is so decentralized, it’s a lot more predictable. A country won’t declare itself bankrupt or declare a dividend in the same way a company would. Furthermore, there is a little-to-no chance of an insider trading on the market, since everything depends on global factors and public perception. The decentralization helps to keep prices low as well. Orders go directly from broker to broker. A short position can also be taken, unlike in many other security markets.

You can embrace volatility

Although you may see volatility as something to be afraid of, in the Forex market it is a big money-making opportunity. You’ve just got to be smart and take the opportunity in stride. Switching between currency pairs is easy

The Forex market consists of twenty-eight major currency pairs involving eight major currencies. Traders choose pairs based on a number of different factors, such as economic developments. The characteristics of the market make it possible for traders to switch between currency pairs with ease.

You don’t need a lot of capital to start

Currency trades usually have relatively tight spreads in terms of pips, which means that you don’t need a big capital to start trading. This means that you can start smaller than you would be able to in other markets such as equity or other securities. Margin trading is a great option and may help you earn a good profit with less capital.

It’s easy

There are plenty of resources out there and lots of strategies that you may use. Some people choose to watch out for indicators to support their short-term trading decisions, while others incorporate more theories and tools for their long-term positions. Forex trading can be done by anyone from new traders to seasoned professionals. There are lots of amazing things about Forex trading, whether you get into it as a hobby or a career.

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