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What Does The MetaTrader MT4/MT5 Ban Mean For The Brokers?

16 October2022

WOW TRADER by Tradesmarter, a proprietary trading platform is not one to one alternative but a great solution for brokers looking for innovative, simplified yet advanced solution

Recently, news has surfaced worldwide that the popular smartphone trading app MetaTrader (MT4/MT5) has been banned from Apple’s App Store. So, what does the ban mean to the brokers, and what can be the alternatives available?

What Must You Know About The MetaTrader (MT4/MT5) Removal from iOS?

The MetaTrader iOS MT4/MT5 apps have been removed from the App store, but the Google Play version of the trading apps has not been affected. However, the forex trading app removal calls for MT4 and MT5 alternatives that the brokers need to look for to provide a better trading platform that doesn’t allow brokers managers to manipulate pricing and trades and support fair trading.  

A Possible Alternative Trading Solution to the Brokers

 The trading world has been evolving with the challenges within the ecosystem. Therefore, the brokers need to assess the present scenario and look for better alternative solutions for their users. Brokers must avoid putting all eggs in one basket and have more than one trading platform to enable a unique, customer-friendly, and customized user interface.

One such unique and intuitive trading platform alternative can be WOW TRADER. It allows the broker to choose preferred liquidity & execution, preferred  CRM & key Integration and preferred  Charting.


Tradesmarter is a white-label technology that aims to provide an intuitive, user-friendly, and easy-to-navigate trading platform. It provides a fully equipped solution, including the client’s cabinet and back office software. WOW TRADER is an all-in-one product. Its front-end features include:-

  • TradingView Comprehensible Charts
  • Responsive and Adaptive
  • Embedded Script as Widget

Besides that, the back-end features include:-

  • Defined Stop Loss/ Take Profit
  • Swaps and No Swaps
  • Feed Manager-Groups, Spread, LP
  • Execution ONZERO or Internal
  • Back Office-Manager/ Dealer

WOW TRADER enables easy navigation and intuitive user experience with no slippages and negative balance protection, facilitating trading with limited risk.


WOW TRADER eliminates the gap and trading obstacles that come in the way of traders, especially millennials. It even provides a mobile trading solution with advanced and distinctive trading features. Thus, it enables marketers to increase conversion rates by taking advantage of personalized campaigns and mobile traffic.

The mobile and web features include:-

  • Dynamic Comprehensible Charts with tick updates
  • Easy Face ID Login
  • Various chart types and technical price indicators
  • 21+ languages
  • Adjustable stop loss and take profit features
  • Multi-wallet and visual bonus system
  • Fast OTP onboarding
  • Price alerts and pending orders facility


TradeSmarter provides a WOW MANAGER solution that facilitates asset parameters configuration such as spread, leverage, take profit and delta. Its instrument management features include:-

  • Enabling/Disabling instruments per brand
  • Setting each instrument individually
  • Adding extra leverage
  • Offering up to 5 different leverages
  • Setting each trade default leverage
  •  Managing take profit range
  • Setting default take profit
  • Setting slippage tolerance (Delta)

WOW MANAGER enables setting the automated risk level group based on location and affiliate token or manually. Thus, the related users can automatically have a spread multiplier. In addition, the risk parameter feature facilitates setting various parameters such as risk, spread factor, max and min stake, and default stake per currency.

Why TradeSmarter for Brokers?

TradeSmarter, with its white-label technology, aims to provide an all-in-one, intuitive, user-friendly, and easy-to-navigate trading platform through WOW TRADER. In addition, it enables the brokers to offer a customized user interface in a unique and approachable manner. It aims to add the DeFi aspect to its trading platform, proving to be brokers’ most strategic trading platform.   

Its products WOW TRADER, WOW MOBILE, and WOW MANAGER work in tandem to facilitate the brokers to understand their clients, manage the risk parameters and simultaneously provide a user-friendly trading platform. Thus, the brokers need to look for a better alternative solution in the present times. Hence, TradeSmarter white-label technology and WOW TRADER can be their go-to solution.  

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