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The 4 Methods to invest in Cryptocurrency

23 November2018

Investing in cryptocurrency is big business and has made some people a lot of money, but it can be daunting for first-time investors to take the plunge without a solid understanding of how it all works. The main ways to invest in cryptocurrency are very simple, but people often assume it’s more complicated than it is due to the relatively recent emergence of cryptocurrencies when compared to more traditional investment opportunities. With the methods outlined here, you can give yourself a base of knowledge to use as a springboard into your new crypto adventure.

1. Day trading

Many of the methods of investing in cryptocurrency are the same as in more traditional stocks and shares and day trading is no exception. Day traders aspire to make a small but regular profit by selling everything in their portfolio at the end of each day. While the individual sales don’t amount to any significant fortune, the idea is to accumulate and reinvest the currency over a more extended period.

Day trading offers flexibility and degree of control over an investment not afforded with other techniques. For instance, if day traders notice a negative pattern in the currency markets, they can react quickly and reinvest their funds elsewhere if they feel it will be beneficial. This approach takes a certain degree of micro-management and can demand a high level of attention and effort on the investor’s part but has been proven to be consistently successful by many investors over the years.

2. Long term

Long-term investors and day traders of cryptocurrency are at the opposite end of the same stick. Whereas day traders sell up at the end of each day, long-term investors pick their horse and stick with it for far more considerable periods of time before selling. Long term investments are often the trade of choice for more casual investors as it takes a lesser degree of management but can still produce high profits.

The benefit of being able to sit back and watch your currency grow in value is offset by the unpredictability of cryptocurrency markets over more extended periods. While your investment could potentially increase substantially, it could also drop off just as much before you’ve had the time to react. For this reason, long term investments in cryptocurrencies often benefit people who are willing to take more of a gamble.

3. Mining

A term you’ll often hear thrown around in cryptocurrency circles is “mining.” Cryptocurrencies run on a growing list of digital documents or records known as a “blockchain,” which is protected via cryptography. Miners of cryptocurrency essentially utilize their computer’s processing power to calculate the protective equations, thereby verifying transactions or generating new cryptocurrency. The miners are typically rewarded for their work with a small but consistent amount of the currency which they can then trade as usual.

Crypto mining on its own isn’t a spectacularly lucrative method of earning money through cryptocurrencies, but it is much less risky than other ventures. However, mining may not be financially beneficial for all cryptocurrencies so, like all investments, it is essential to do your specific research beforehand.

4. Initial Coin Offerings

An initial coin offering, known as an ICO, is the price at which a new cryptocurrency is sold for when it first comes on the market. Many individuals have made a lot of money by buying up ICOs and selling them for a quick profit shortly after they hit the market. The ICO is the digital equivalent of an initial public offering (IPO) of shares and, like with IPOs, many ICOs can be a great way to see a quick return on your investment.

An ICO will often be accompanied by a collection of documents which outlines the plan for the currency project upon which people decide whether or not to invest. To succeed in ICO flipping, one must have a good knowledge of the market and be willing to gamble on how the new coin’s introduction will impact upon it. With the right mix of awareness and daring, you can make a lot of money in a short amount of time via ICO investments.

In conclusion

The world of cryptocurrency is new and exciting, but it has its roots in investment methods that have been practiced over many years. With commitment, courage, and a little bit of luck, investors in cryptocurrency stand to make a lot of money by taking advantage of the mercurial and dynamic digital landscape.

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