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CFD OPTIONS Simple Trader Platform

Your brokerage, investment company, or financial management company can easily move into the web-based trading market, offering your customers a convenient, safe, and user-friendly trading platform.

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An Intuitive and Simpler Way of Trading on the World Markets
Select an Asset
Choose from a list of assets in which are offered in the platform.
Payout Dynamic Indicator
The indicator shows how the option is priced with respect to current volatility.
Amount to Risk
The amount you are willing to risk in this trade, you cannot loose more than this amount .

Why trading WOW Options trading platform

No Slippage
The trader’s price requested is the one executed for your trade
Negative Balance Protection
Your trader’s account will never go below zero
Multiple Leverages Per Account Levels
Your traders can choose from a preconfigured leverages
Swap-Free Account and Islamic Account
Your traders will enjoy zero swap fees
Invest with
Time duration
Our platform trading solution allows traders to easily set their time duration. A trader won’t need to close manually his trade, as the platform close th trade automatically at expiration. Or you can close it at anytime before it expires.
Close At Desired Loss or Profit Value
Our simplified trading platform enables traders to visually set their trade values for taking profit and stopping loss. Traders can easily set risk management values by using a slider, seeing expected set values and prices on the trade area and charts.
Easy Trade to execute with a click of a butoon
Our dynamic indicator enables traders to set a vanila option order where the breakeven price is shown on the platform and represent your breakeven point. This feature allows traders to see — on their chart — the desired price level and immidiate payout.

You Are Not Limited to Just
One Kind of Software

FX/CFD Trading
Offer clients the ability to trade currencies and create contracts for different trades.
Affiliate Trading Platform
Track all clicks, leads, and conversions sent from affiliates while automatically assigning commissions.
CRM Trading Software
Combine your sales, service, and marketing in one customer-relationship management tool.
Cryptocurrency Trading
We offer cryptocurrency trading, enabling you to connect your clients to cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide.

The Bottom Line

Tradesmarter provides a unique, responsive, and user-friendly web-trading platform serving hundreds of financial companies around the world.

TradeSmarter: smarter for you, smarter for your customers.

Our white label trading platform puts you ahead of the competition, getting you to the market faster and keeping you up-to-date on the latest trends in trading platforms, including compliance and innovative trading vehicles like cryptocurrencies.

Today's trading environment is so complex that too often only the big players can get into it. But with TradeSmarter, you can enter that market — and be competitive in it from day one. Gone are the days when you needed to make your living off a few client trades. Now you can put them in charge of their own trading and profit from multiple transactions.

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