The Tradesmarter Social Web Trading Platform makes it easier for traders to mirror trades from top performing traders with a few simple swipes on the mobile platform.

Our Social Web Trading Solution

  • Multi Trading Platforms

    The Social Web Trading platform allows traders to watch, follow and automatically copy successful trades across the forex market, the binary options market, or the cryptocurrencies market. The data provided is live and in real-time, generated by real traders. The result is that newer traders learn more about the strategies used to execute successful trades.
  • When Trading becomes Social

    Traders who are active on social web trading platforms often feel as though they belong to a community of like-minded people. Aside from being able to watch successful traders execute trades, newer traders can interact socially with peers, both locally and globally.
Social Trading
Social Web Trading Solution
Tradesmarter Social Trading

Why a Social Web Trading Platform?

Social Web Trading allows investors to copy the trading activities of more experienced traders. Investors with little or no knowledge about trading or financial markets can use social trading as a way to analyze financial data by comparing what successful traders are doing.
The result is that newer traders have the ability to learn which trading strategies work and which ones don't. More experienced traders can exchange ideas with other traders that have the potential to expand their own trading activities.
The intention behind Social Web Trading is to shorten the learning curve associated with trading in financial markets. Traders can interact with others, view how more experienced traders build their strategies, and then copy their trades within their own trading accounts.

Benefits of Using Tradesmarter Social Web Trading Platforms

The vast majority of Social Web Trading platforms available focus solely on the foreign currency exchange (Forex) market. Yet traders with interests across multiple financial markets need real social trading options that allow them to access networks and communities of people with similar interests.
By comparison, Tradesmarter's Social Web Trading Platform connects traders with a network of people across the Forex market, the binary options market, and the cryptocurrency exchange market. Investors keen to diversify their trading activities across a range of financial markets can access a Social Web Trading platform that links them to a variety of social networks.
The result is that newer investors begin to learn how more experienced traders diversify their financial instruments. They also begin to learn how successful traders formulate strategies that may vary for each different financial market.
Brokerage firms can customize the trading platform to display your corporate branding. Add the brokerage's company logo and personalize the theme's color scheme and fonts to ensure your platform stands out from the crowd.
You're able to add widgets to your platforms or choose to set them as stand-alone platforms if you prefer not to integrate them. The internal system also allows you to generate financial reports and statements, as well as providing a total picture of your organization's revenue.

Why Use Tradesmarter?

Tradesmarter has a long history of offering individual and institutional brokers the opportunity to get trades to the market faster, using a powerful and responsive mobile trading app.
Adding a robust Social Web Trading platform to their offerings provides a new level of functionality for traders. Any good Social Web Trading platform allows investors to automatically copy or mirrors trades being made by other traders within the network.
Tradesmarter is a White Label trading platform that provides a complete brokerage solution. For more than a decade Tradesmarter has served as a financial technology company providing brokers with an innovative, customizable trading platform.
Using a White Label trading platform allows brokers to start their own brokerage services at minimal cost. Brokerage firms using the Tradesmarter White Label trading platform can customize the interface to include their logo and brand color scheme. It's also possible to add widgets to the platforms, which improves user experience.
The innovative technology behind Tradesmarter's WOW trading platforms is that they provide unified functionality across all devices. Whether a trader is using the platform from a mobile phone, a tablet PC, laptop or desktop computer, the functionality and appearance of the trading platform appears the same across all devices.
Perhaps the biggest advantage to using Tradesmarter as part of any brokerage's business strategy is the ability to integrate a social web trading platform. Whether your clients are trading on the forex market, the binary options market or the cryptocurrencies market, providing them with the ability to copy successful trades and strategies strengthens your brand and boosts your company revenue.

Tradesmarter provides a unique, responsive & user friendly Social Web Trading Platform to hundred financial companies around the world.

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