Your brokerage, investment company, or financial management company can easily move into the trading market and offer customers a convenient, safe, and user-friendly trading platform.

Our WoW Trading Solution

  • The Features of TradeSmarter Trading Platforms

    Here are all the things TradeSmarter does for you, so you don't have to:
    • We provide complete functionality with all of the trading exchanges
    • We build in compliance with hundreds of financial regulations, as well as trading guidelines and laws
    • We offer top-notch security to protect you and your clients
    • We update the platform regularly to make it more efficient, user-friendly, and effective
Tradesmarter WOW Trading
WOW Web Trading Solution

The Benefits of our Trading for you

Starting your own trading platform from scratch is enormously expensive. Before you ever get started servicing customers, you have a financial outlay that could put your business at risk. With TradeSmarter, you only have the expense of a few tweaks to customize our products, and you are in business.
Regulations in the trading industry are daunting. If you miss just one, you could be vulnerable to fines, penalties, and a bad reputation with traders. We not only take care of all current compliance issues, we update regularly to keep you compliant.
You can start your trading service immediately. Set up is quick, and you won't have a steep learning curve. Neither will your customers.
You can establish multiple income streams that provide you with more stability. Our platforms can provide income from stock trading, affiliates, and investors in cryptocurrencies, and growth through additional services, such as trading through mobile apps..

TradesmarterTrading Platforms

You are not limited to offering just one kind of software.
Here are the solutions you can choose from:


Offer your clients the ability to trade currencies and make a contract for different trades.


Combine your sales, service and marketing with one customer relationship management tool. 


Track all clicks, leads, and conversions sent from affiliates, and automatically assign commissions.


Offer cryptocurrency trading as part of your service. Connect your clients to cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide.


This comprehensive broker trading environment offers clients Meta Trader 4, and offers you risk management and growth capabilities, along with a quick launch.

The Bottom Line

Our white label trading platform puts you ahead of the competition by getting you on the market faster and keeping you up to date on all the latest needs in trading platforms, such as compliance, and new trading vehicles like cryptocurrencies.

Today's trading environment is so complex, that often only the big players can get into it. But with TradeSmarter, you can enter the market and be competitive from day one. Gone are the days when you needed to make your living off a few trades for your clients. Now you can put them in charge of their own trades and make a profit from multiple transactions.

TradeSmarter. It's smarter for you. It's smarter for your customers.

Tradesmarter provides a unique, responsive & user friendly Web Trading Platform to hundred financial companies around the world.

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