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Things can be very confusing if you are new to trading. Not only do we have to learn a lot of new terms, you also have to decide how you will do the trading, which is not an easy thing to do when you are not really clear about how things work. You may have heard of MT4 Forex trading and other proprietary trading platforms.

When you start trading you will have to choose which software you are trading from. All trades are now digital.Traders are sitting at homes or offices in front of computers, looking at the latest charts and making the decisions to trade right then and there...

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Cryptocurrency futures were just launched and everyone who loves to trade is very excited about them. Cryptocurrency CFDs are the tradable contracts used in futures trading because they make trading easier. CFDs allow you to trade and profit from the price of cryptocurrencies without you having to buyi any cryptocurrencies. The best part? They allow you to profit from the price of cryptocurrencies going down as well!

What is a CFD?

CFD stands for Contract for Differences...

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White label trading solutions are becoming more and more popular nowadays in the trading world. They’ve become the easiest way for companies to step foot in the trading market. Let’s look at what white label trading solutions are and how they work when it comes to software solutions.

White label products:

The ‘white’ in the term white label means blank. See, when companies sell any of their products

What is the definition of a Bitcoin Wallet?

Tuesday, 27 December 2018 by
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A bitcoin wallet is the software used to store bitcoins that you have bought and holds the private key that allows you to access your bitcoin address. That is also used when sending or storing bitcoin and works like a traditional bank account...

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Forex trading is very different from other types of trading. One thing which you may have heard about is A-book trading and B-book trading. You may have also seen some brokers make claims that they only do A-book trading and do not do B-book trading.

Let's look into what these concepts mean and the difference they make for you.

A-book trading is simply normal trading. You tell your broker to make the trade...