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Maximize Your Brokerage's Potential By Offering Your Own Customizable
Cryptocurrency Trading Solutions


CFD on Crypto White Label

Integrate and orchestrate all your operations into Tradesmarter unified All-in-one platform


Let Your Client Trade Like Pro

Tradesmarter cryptocurrency trading software lets your clients trade their favorite cryptocurrencies easily. Tradesmarter also provides a complete online trading solution that gives you access to all the major international cryptocurrency exchanges on one user-friendly platform.


A Full Cryptocurrency Trading Solution

The platform allows traders to connect to a vast selection of cryptocurrency markets, global binary options and CFD (contracts for difference) markets, as well as the foreign currency exchange market. Traders seeking to diversify their investing activities can do so within the same easy-to-use trading platform, allowing you to grow your brokerage business with ease.


Turnkey Crypto-currency Trading Solutions

Attempting to build a trading platform from scratch can potentially take years and cost a small fortune. Yet a white label trading platform can be customized in a couple of weeks to suit your firm's trading needs. What's more, Tradesmarter platforms and onboarding systems can be implemented to a broker site in just a few hours.

Brokerage firms can customize the trading platform to display your corporate branding. Add the brokerage's company logo and personalize the theme's color scheme and fonts to ensure your platform stands out from the crowd.

You're able to add widgets to your platforms or choose to set them as stand-alone platforms if you prefer not to integrate them. The internal system also allows you to generate financial reports and statements, as well as providing a total picture of your organization's revenue.

TradeSmarter's platform is an all-in-one package that includes the trading platform, mobile and web app, and CRM systems. The platforms are easy to navigate and are designed to provide traders with high levels of functionality on Android and iOS systems, as well as on Windows computers.


Turnkey Cryptocurrency Trading Solutions

Turnkey Cryptocurrency

White Label Solution

Using a white label cryptocurrency trading solution provides a range of benefits to brokerage firms and individual traders. Not only are you able to offer clients the ability to trade cryptocurrencies across many of the major exchanges, but you can provide them with a solution that streamlines all their trading activities.

User Exeperience

User Exeperience Focused

Tradesmarter was created with the end user in mind. Individual traders can simplify their trading activities by accessing a vast range of financial markets easily from the same user-friendly platform.
Keeping all trading activities centralized on the same platform makes it easier to manage investments, keep track of trades , and view profit and loss positions in real time. It also streamlines investment strategies.


Tradesmarter provides a unique, responsive and user-friendly CFD and FX trading solution to hundred financial companies around the world.

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