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Benefits of a White Label Forex Trading Platform

01 OCTOBER2018
Posted by Admin

The foreign exchange market is massive and since it has a low barrier to entry, anyone could easily step into the forex world and start making a name for themselves. If you are considering delving into the forex market, one of the things that you will have to decide is whether you want to develop your own trading platform or get started with a white label provider....

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10 Common Questions About Bitcoin and Digital Currencies

16 AUGUST2018
Posted by Admin

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies aren't new, but they've hit the headlines in recent months due to the incredible profits some people have made. Investors saw gains of over a thousand percent in 2017 at a time when interest rates are at historic lows in most countries. Bitcoin is the digital currency most often reported on...

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Government Regulation for Cryptocurrency in 2018

21 MARCH2018
Posted by Admin

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have no direct national bank overseeing the creation and release of the currency. This has made the digital currency desirable in the eyes of many as, at least up until this point, it meant fewer regulations and regulatory issues. However, the way Bitcoin stayed in the headlines in 2017...

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