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Forex trading - the difference between A-Book and B-Book

Posted by ADMIN

Forex trading is very different from other types of trading. One thing which you may have heard about is A-book trading and B-book trading. You may have also seen some brokers make claims that they only do A-book trading and do not do B-book trading. Let's look into what these concepts mean and the difference they make for you. A-book trading is simply normal trading. You tell your broker to make the trade...

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8 Critical Cryptocurrency Trading Tips All People Must Read

21 MARCH2018
Posted by ADMIN

One of the best things about cryptocurrency, no matter how it works out in the long run, is that it has sparked the average person's interest in finance. However, investment isn't something that people can just leap into blindly. There's a lot of nuance to trading and investing. It isn't as simple as buying low and selling high. Here are a few tips about cryptocurrency that everyone joining the trading club should know...

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Top 9 Tips for Forex Trading Success

11 MARCH2018
Posted by ADMIN

Trading on the foreign currency exchange market can be incredibly lucrative. The Forex market is a truly global market, allowing you to trade currencies online from your computer at any time of the day or night...

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